Hire A Service Company Or Become A Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Wizard!

swimming pool repair

The above maintenance comment will need to be addressed; like it or not. Ergo, it doesn’t matter whether you rely on a pool service company to care for your pool, somewhere down the line, you’ll have to do some of the most common swimming pool repairs on your own to ensure your pool stays in good condition for years and years.

Pool advice And, once winter is over, the pool cover has been removed and the pool service company has put everything back in order and in working condition, you’ll be ready for the warm season and swimming pool fun, again.

Using A Bit Of Common Sense Will Work To Your Advantage!

The following “to do” list will keep your pool in top shape for a long time:

  • Skimming the pool’s surface by hand every few days will keep the pool clean. If you use a “long-handled” pool net, you’ll be able to snag those leaves, dead bugs and other unwanted items from the pool bottom.
  • Clean out strainer baskets once a week. This task will be easier than some of the others. Just remove the baskets and shake out the debris or use a hose.
  • Your pool should be vacuumed once every week to keep the water clear and reduce the amount of chemicals you need to add to keep it that way.
  • Hop in the pool (or have one of your kids do this chore) and with a stiff brush, clean the pool walls. If your pool walls are tile, use a softer brush so you don’t scratch the tile or remove the grout.

One Final Note: There are three kinds of pool filters. Cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth. However, keep in mind cleaning or replacing filters may not be a job for you to undertake. Call your pool service company and let them do it.