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Sleeping Eve

Growing Seasons: A 20th-Century Memoir
by Katharine B. Coventry

(published by the author, 2007)

Born in Manhatten in 1912, author Kay Coventry’s life has taken her from New York to Nantucket, Ohio, Georgia, and Wisconsin before she arrived in Duluth, Minnesota, where she has resided for the past fifty years. This is her first book.

Praise for Growing Seasons:

These wonderful memoirs tell the story of a deeply rooted twentieth- century American life.... From her youth in Manhatten of the Roaring Twenties, the hardships of the Great Depression, and on through the last half of the century in Duluth, Growing Seasons guides us through a rich life frought with events that would have felled many another woman and addresses them with remarkable candor, clarity, and gentle humor.
— Mara Hart, Lake Superior Writers

Written with compassion, great wit, and a keen eye for detail, Growing Seasons allows us to experience nearly nine decades of life as the author—and our country—lived them.
— Martha Coventry

Click here to download a sample chapter.

You can order a copy of Growing Seasons by writing author Katharine Coventry at 3623 Greysolon Road
Duluth MN 55804.

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