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Sleeping Eve

Sorrow’s Child by Whitney Hansen
(published by theAuthor, 2008)

Our World is foreign to her.

her world is more dangerous than we can imagine.

In the year 2212, a virus divides the planet.
Its symptoms: power far beyond human potential.
To combat the growing epidemic, the Program
created Amanda, a genetically manufactured girl
they trained to kill all those with increased abilities.
When she turns sixteen, she discovers just how much
the Program lied to her about the world outside her
training rooms. Sorrow’s Child follows Amanda as
she deals with the truth of her creation and searches
for an understanding of the world she was hidden
from. Who is she if not an assassin? Only time will tell.

Click here to download a sample chapter.

You can order a copy of Sorrow’s Child by visiting the author’s Web site: whitneyhansen.com

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