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Fitger's: The Brewery and its People

Fitger’s: The Brewery and its People
by Clarence “Coopen” Johnson

(published by Fitger’'s Publishing, 2005)

From the early days of Duluth’s nineteenth-century breweries through surviving prohibition and struggling to stay alive as the post-war brewing industry consolidated, Fitger's: the Brewery and Its People tells the story of those who built a brewing tradtion along the shore of Lake Superior and made Fitger’s one of the longest-surviving regional brands in America. The owners of the Fitger’s complex chose X-Presso for the editing, design, layout, and print brokering of this full-color, coffee-table history of the brewery, available both in hardcover and softcover—then hired us again to consult on marketing.

Click here to download a sample chapter.

You can order a copy of Fitger’s by visiting www.fitgers.com.

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