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Hunters & Gatherers

Hunters & Gatherers (and other normal people)
by Simon Gray

(published by his own Gray Matter Press, 2001)

Painter and musician Simon Gray is pretty sure he’s figured out what makes us each tick, but he didn’t want to wait to find an agent and a publisher to let his friends know what it is. Gray believes that the reasons why humans act the way they do are based on our instincts as Breeders, Gatherers, Hunters, Nesters, Warriors, and Workers, and his book is designed to help you understand why you (and your partner) behave the way you do. Gray entrusted his book’s entire publication process to X-Presso, from interior design and layout (and some light copyediting) to the design of the book’s cover to the print brokering. We even wrote the back cover copy and designed a logo for his newly created publishing company, Gray Matter Press.

Sorry, no sample chapter is available for this title.

To find out more about Hunters & Gatherers or to order a copy, visit Simon Gray’s website at www.simongray.com.

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