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Sleeping Eve

Lake Effect Memories

by Donna Schilling
(published by the author, 2007)

Life on these shores: Weather forecasters frequently use the term “lake effect” to explain the capricious nature of our climate, but numerous other facets of our lives are affected by the great lake that has attracted thousands of dependents who occupy her rocky shoreline to form the Duluth community.

”Recalling my experiences and those of friends and acquaintences who have loved this lake as I have and enjoyed the rich rewards of life on her shores, I was inspired to write these Lake Effect Memories which exemplify our endless connections to Lake Superior. Some are adventurous, some are dangerous, some are nostalgic or humorous, but all illustrate the balance of excitement and serenity to be found in her depths and on her shores…the lake effects beyond weather that influence our lives and endear this great lady to us.“

Donna Schilling is a member of Lake Superior Writers, and works with a small memoir writers’ group within that organization. She was a contributor to Growing up on Memory Lane, an anthology of memoirs from across the United States. A collection of her own memoirs, Slices of Life, was published in 2006.

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You can order a copy of Lake Effect Memories by calling author Donna Schilling at: (218) 525-1012.

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