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Sleeping Eve

Sleeping Eve
by W.R. Fischer

(published by Upper Orbit Publishing, 2002)

First-time novelist W.R. Fischer decided to go the self-publishing route to establish himself before breaking into mainstream publishing—and so he called on X-Presso to give his maniuscript a complete content edit and then had us design and layout the book. With Sleeping Eve, Fischer captures the spirit of Tom Clancy and Michael Chrichton as the discovery of an "ice man" in a receding glacier has revealed a genetic secret—code named "Sleeping Eve"—that is the perfect bioweapon, yielding a 100% fatality rate within 24 hours and a target area safe for reoccupation. As the balance of power shifts, nuclear war looms in the Middle East. A chillingly believable scenario.

Sorry, no sample chapter is available for this title.

You can order a copy of Sleeping Eve by visiting the Sleeping Eve website: www.SleepingEve.com.

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