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Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles

Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles
by Ellen Sandbeck

(originally published by her own De La Terre Press, 1995)

Author and illustrator Ellen Sandbeck came to X-Presso in 1995 with her collection of amusing and useful techniques for nontoxic gardening and housekeeping. X-Presso took her words and illustrations she had either drawn herself or borrowed from public domain collections and executed an interior and cover design to help her create Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles.

After achieving success selling the book on her own, Sandbeck sold Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles to Broadway Books (a division of Random House, Inc.) in 2000. By 2001 it was already in its fourth printing.

Sorry, no sample chapter is available for this title.

You can find Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles on the web at www.randonhouse.com/broadway.com.

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