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Unknown Rider

Unknown Rider
by Scott Anderson

(published by his own Dennoch Press, 1995)

The first book X-Presso ever helped an author self-publish, Unknown Rider was written by Scott Anderson, a test pilot and National Guard F-16 pilot who also wrote Distant Fires (Pfeifer-Hamilton, 1991), which won the American Library Association’s 1991 award for the Best Book for Young Adults. X-Presso created the book’s interior design to complement Jeff Brownell’s stunning cover. Three years later, Anderson, Brownell, and X-Presso’s Tony Dierckins teamed up again to create The Mosquito Book. Anderson and Dierckins wrote the book, Brownell designed the cover, and X-Presso executed the interior design and handled all aspects of production and marketing. It sold 11,000 copies in its first three months!

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You can order a copy of Unknown Rider by calling Dennoch Press at (218) 728-0505. Ask for Laurie Anderson.

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